For a room rental or any other corporate request, go to the corporate events tab to complete the form.



Dress code


Business casual, smart casual (sportswear refused)

Reservation rules


Please note that all reservations before 11 pm are strictly for supper.


La Voûte reserves the right to give your table to the next client if you arrive 15 minutes after your reservation.


We do not reserve specific tables.


For all reservations of 8 and more please call La Voûte directly at 514-679-9360.


The last call for alcohol and food purchase as well as access into the restaurant is 11:45 pm.


Customers present inside can stay until 2 am and consume what has been previously ordered


If you would like to keep your table after 11 pm a bottle service will be mandatory, 1 bottle per 3 people minimum.


Please note that we are 18 years of age and older establishment.


The dress code is business casual, smart casual (sportswear will be refused)