La Voûte nightclub reinvents itself in the midst of a pandemic

September 10, 2020

La Voûte is proud to announce the launch of its new concept and invites all connoisseurs to come and enjoy this renewed experience on September 17th starting at 5 p.m. Consequently, the experience offered at La Voûte has completely been revamped by transforming the nightclub into a cabaret, and through partial renovations. in addition to welcoming you to the opening, La Voûte warmly invites you every Thursday to Sunday as of 5 p.m, to what will undoubtedly become one of Montreal's top entertainment venues.


This metamorphosis will allow La Voûte to enhance the customers overall experience by introducing a menu of divine signature cocktails, a list of natural wines carefully selected by the renowned sommelier, Jon Cercone from Brommelier and cuisine that will awaken one’s taste buds and senses. Additionally, the lavish dishes imbued with neo-Japanese flavors will undoubtedly please all tastes.



On the other hand, this new cabaret formula will offer a spacious reconfigured and redecorated space that will allow customers to interact in a welcoming way, all while admiring the various services and tailor-made activities that will revolve around the venues main theme.


La Voûte’s atmosphere: Inspired by the fascinating world of dreams, the changes made to the decor will amaze you and transport you to a surreal world, whether you are sharing a meal with friends or colleagues. Its luxurious setting and revamped interior design makes La Voûte a very cozy, trendy and relaxed atmosphere. The various activities and services will undoubtedly make your visit to our establishment an entertaining one. The key words describing this new formula are: pleasure, renewed experiences, culinary expertise and rigorous health and safety measures.


In the kitchen: La Voûte has teamed up with the very talented Viet and Nam Truong, two 29-year-old twin brothers from Montreal, to provide the culinary component with neo-Japanese trends. The young chefs and entrepreneurs have drawn on their family recipes to create tasting platters which include carefully selected products and flavors from around the world. Since the age of 10, the brothers shared a mutual passion for cooking, but it was not until adulthood that they became executive chefs and co-founders of the renowned restaurants Boite Geisha and Blossom. They are ardent about culinary art and will make sure to offer you succulent and original recipes enhanced by their undeniable talent.



About La Voûte

La Voûte is an original and unmissable venue in Old Montreal whether for outings with friends or for happy hour with colleagues. Located in the depths of the former Royal Bank of Canada and in North America’s largest safe, this establishment will transport you to a dreamlike world steeped in history. Its architecture, dating from 1926, is inspired by Florentine Renaissance palaces. With its urban and chic aesthetic, La Voûte is without a doubt a major meeting place in Montreal. To learn more, visit our website:


IMPORTANT: La Voûte offers valet service at a cost of $ 15 per car


Information and reservations: 514-679-9360 or directly on our website


Source: Annie-Audrey Fortin

Director of Corporate Events