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Let’s not let Quebec forget the cancer patients…

Sadly, many people seriously ill with cancer are missing out on treatment due to the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s make sure that the Quebec government doesn’t let our friends and loved ones who are suffering from cancer slip through the cracks.

In April, during the daffodil campaign, Canadians unite to support and honor those affected by cancer.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation thousands of Quebecers fighting a cancer diagnosis no longer have access to resources including:

  • In-office appointments with their doctors
  • Treatments including chemo and surgeries
  • Oncology tests

since their appointments are being postponed, or worse cancelled.

To deal with this grave situation, we are asking Quebec’s Health Minister, Danielle McCann, to relocate the cancer clinics that have been affected in order to give everyone the treatments they need.

Spreading awareness and getting an answer from the Minister of Health, as well as the Government, is the purpose of our campaign: LES OUBLIÉS DE LA CRISE

Time is of the essence when it comes to curing cancer, delays can completely change cancer treatment outcomes.

We need your help to spread awareness about this situation and put pressure on the health minister and the Quebec government to act quickly and fix this situation. Together, we can find a solution for those who are being left behind during this pandemic which is is why it is essential to get the message out and have answers for the Covid-19 crisis FORGOTTEN ONES.