Start your engines!

Join us on June 6,  7, 8 and 9 for what will be the most exhilarating weekend in Montreal.

Start your engines!

Join us on June 6,7,8 and 9 for what will be the most exhilarating weekend in Montreal.


These special conditions apply during F1 weekend only; from June 6th-10th 2024. Feel free to speak to our reservations specialist if you would like to inquire about our regular events.

We have amazing events lined up, during this year’s disco-themed event:

-Thursday: (HUGE international DJ to be announced shortly)

-Friday: Jim LeBlanc (Switzerland: Gstaadt Palace) alongside our resident DJs Aaron Hyper & Dan Ficara

-Saturday: Christophe Lacroix (Miami: Queen & Marion) alongside our resident DJs Matt Nicolo & Kev Ferrara

-Sunday: (CODE 20 closing party): Ask (London: Cirque Le Soir & Maddox) alongside our resident DJ Gminaa


To fully enjoy the La Voûte experience, we suggest you attend the cabaret supper. As supper guests, you will benefit from our diverse & elaborate cabaret shows (please don’t hesitate to visit our instagram page @lavoutemontreal for visuals), and of course, you are welcome to stay the night. Our supper atmosphere is festive and takes off quickly. Every evening starting from 8pm, our local DJs set the mood with a “playful” mix of dance music. Our staff and artists are involved in our festivities and animations. They will ensure you never forget your evening, so don’t hesitate to arrive as early as possible!


Please select June 6,7,8 or 9 below.


Please note that we do not sell specific tables, only sections.

All bottle service reservations require a signed contract and 50% deposit. Please let us know which booth you would like, your full name and phone number; we will send you a contract to revise, fill, sign and send back to us.


The balance will be payable on site, and we will require your credit card and matching driver’s license, to be held by your waitress.

Bottle service arrival time starts at 11pm

If you would like your bottles presented with a show, don’t hesitate to ask what your waitress how we could accommodate!

You may choose anything you’d like from this menu,
to attain the following minimums (prices are in CAD and before tax & tip):

Gift ideas: We also have exotic fruit platters & caviar pairings with a full Champagne menu, that could make memorable gifts for your occasion.

We can reserve booths next to each other for larger groups, or squeeze them into one booth:

  • DJ booth: $10k-$15k+
  • VIP full stage: $30k (35 people)
  • VIP half stage: $16k (20 people)
  • VIP half stage: $14k (15 people)
  • VIP booth: $7.5k
  • Regular booths: $5k
  • Stand-up table: $3.5k
  • ADD DINNER TO YOUR PACKAGE: +$135 per person (reserve online via supper reservation link)

Dress-code is strict; upscale casual
•No caps.
•No sportswear (jersey, joggings, tank tops, shorts, hoodies etc.)
•No sports shoes or sandals (clean leather sneakers are accepted, not running shoes)

To reserve please fill out the form below:

The dress code is strict; upscale casual.