Bottle service arrival time starts at 11pm

You may choose anything you’d like from this menu, to attain your minimum (prices are before tax&tip):

Gift ideas: We also have exotic fruit platters & caviar pairings with a full Champagne menu, that could make memorable gifts for your occasion.

If you would like your bottles presented with a show, don’t hesitate to ask what your waitress how we could accommodate!

-Bar reservation: 1-2 bottles (depending on the number of guests)

We can reserve booths next to each other for larger groups,
or squeeze them into one booth:

Around 10 guests:

-Regular booths: $900
-VIP booths: $1200
-Premium VIP booths: $1500
-DJ booths: $1750+ (up for bidding)

-VIP half stage: $2.5k (up to 15 guests)
-VIP half stage: $3k (up to 20 guests)
-VIP full stage: $5k-$7k (up to 40 guests)

Dress-code is strict; upscale casual
•No caps.
•No sportswear (jersey, joggings, tank tops, shorts, hoodies etc.)
•No sports shoes or sandals (clean leather sneakers are accepted, not running shoes)

To reserve please fill out the form below:

Dinner guests are granted VIP access and can stay all night. The seated groups just have to move to the bar at 11 PM if they do not wish to reserve a table for bottle service.


For room rental or any other corporate request, go to the corporate tab to fill out the form.

The dress code is strict; upscale casual.